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Travis Thom

Facebook Loves Video!

If you aren't using video in your Facebook campaigns you should look at starting one. My current video campaign is costing me 0.07 per view for 3 second views and then 23 cents for the 10 second video views. It's not just extremely affordable, it's also a great storytelling tool…
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Writing Facebook Ad Copy Tip

Writing some Facebook ads for a client today. With these type of ads you have to remember that Real Estate is emotional. It's where families lay down roots, grow together and re-discover love and home as they combine into one place. Ad copy: "It's more than just a house. It's…
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ABC. Always Be Closing.

“ABC. Always be closing, Travis.” I resented them for saying that phrase every chance they got. I never got off the phone with them without hearing it at least once. As they shook my hand after every meeting it was always the last thing they said before walking out the…
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