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2017 Is All Up To You

2017 Is All Up To You


What started as a hike turned in to tradition.

It’s New Year’s Eve and at the end of every year I head to my family’s Rocky Mountain cabin to climb a couple thousand feet to sit with an old natural bonsai tree that I found as a child growing out of a cliff side boulder. How log it’s been there is anyone’s guess, but here is where I conduct my annual reflection of the year now passed.

I call it my “Personal Summit”.

As a kid, I would climb up to that tree for a higher perceptive on the land and over time I realized I started climbing to also gain a higher perspective on life, business, and absorb some earth lessons.

Now, as an adult, I am a business owner, a husband, and a new father to a beautiful little girl. Thing’s have changed since I first found that tree but this personal summit has become a huge part of my year. Sometimes, like last year, I may not always be able to make that physical climb or the 4 hour drive through snow to get there, but that doesn’t stop me from planning for the year ahead.

As I look back on 2016, and prepare for 2017, I invite you to do the same along with me. Take a moment for yourself today. Hold your own Personal Summit. It doesn’t matter if you spend the next 3 minutes, or the next 30 days reflecting on everything you’ve accomplished this year, or reflecting on the goals you want to work harder on in the coming year, there is one simple rule to follow:

Start with the end in mind.

What I mean by that is start with what you envision where you want to be at the end of 2017. What are your goals? Professional athlete’s do this all the time – they visualize winning and each step they need to take to get that win.

To help you with your Personal Summit, here are 3 easy steps:

Download the worksheet here- >>   <<GoalWorkSheetHere>>

1. How much do you want to make in 2017?

Be realistic but make it a goal you can work towards.
Think about the lifestyle you want and the income you need to achieve it.
This number might make you a little nervous, and that’s a good thing.
Tell yourself: that’s not fear; that’s excitement.

2. Name five NEW marketing strategies you can implement to achieve this goal.

Get outside of your comfort zone. Think beyond the norm. Imagine outside of the box. Take note of your average commission amount, then work backwards to devise the different ways in which you can increase your sales volume.

3. Pick your starting point.

Take a look at your five new marketing strategies and chose the one you want to start with. Ask your partner, your team, your Qualifying Broker, your pet, or your local grocer for feedback. You now have five new goals for 2017, you can’t go wrong.

Write these steps, and your answers, down on the worksheet. Commit them to paper and really challenge yourself to each and every item this year. Plan concrete steps and you’ll be amazed at how much easier each task is to complete.

As we move into this first quarter of 2017, I would love to support you in any way I can. What I have to offer mostly applies to the Real Estate business in your life but I hope these questions help you grow as an individual in the same way they have done for me.

Here is my bonsai tree in the spring>

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