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By now, most of you reading this have probably heard of the New Facebook Canvas Ads. But, for those of you just getting into Facebook Advertising here is a quick run-down: Facebook now provides an option for businesses of all sizes to create interactive ads that appear in users Newsfeed.…
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Thumb Stopping Ad Example

This is an ad that we recently created for a client in our Facebook Ad Agency division. The goal was to create an eye catching or a "thumb stopper" to get their attention and get them to click on the ad. This as is a video lead ad. Meaning that…
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Facebook Loves Video!

If you aren't using video in your Facebook campaigns you should look at starting one. My current video campaign is costing me 0.07 per view for 3 second views and then 23 cents for the 10 second video views. It's not just extremely affordable, it's also a great storytelling tool…
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Writing Facebook Ad Copy Tip

Writing some Facebook ads for a client today. With these type of ads you have to remember that Real Estate is emotional. It's where families lay down roots, grow together and re-discover love and home as they combine into one place. Ad copy: "It's more than just a house. It's…
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