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Travis Thom

2017 Is All Up To You

What started as a hike turned in to tradition. It's New Year's Eve and at the end of every year I head to my family's Rocky Mountain cabin to climb a couple thousand feet to sit with an old natural bonsai tree that I found as a child growing out of a…
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Making Waves

Recently I came across a photo of my grandfather, and my cousin, taken when they had newly opened their car dealership. The image is of the two of them standing proudly together behind a wheel barrow filled with silver dollars. At first glance, the purpose of the silver coins may…
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ABC. Always Be Closing.

“ABC. Always be closing, Travis.” I resented them for saying that phrase every chance they got. I never got off the phone with them without hearing it at least once. As they shook my hand after every meeting it was always the last thing they said before walking out the…
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