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Travis Thom

Day 3 – Zero to Hero

Let’s recap. If you’ve been doing the course homework you should be feeling confident in the fee that you charge for your services, instead of discounting them, and also have a really good idea of the niche market you are ready to become the local celebrity in, kicking Jack Master right out of your life. Today’s mistake is one that we don’t often realize we are making and can be easily overlooked if we are doing it wrong.

I’d like to start today with two simple questions: How large is your lead data base? How long is the list of potential clients you are nurturing right this moment? 

If you’ve just answered with “I don’t have one…” or “I’m not really sure…” or “Just a couple people…” then I know I am on the right track because that’s exactly how I answered this very question just a few years ago. Overcoming today’s mistake is going to be the cap stone to the pillar of income production you are actively creating for your business. 

Let’s get going. 

Here is the third of the Top 3 mistakes that I made, experienced, and witnessed first hand.

Mistake #3 – Zero Lead Generation 

 “The sole purpose of a website is to generate leads.” Malcolm Gladwell, one of the top marketing experts, said this and it’s very true for Real Estate. If you are not generating and nurturing leads for future business, then what are you doing to increase your annual income? day3

Unfortunately, I used to be guilty of it and I see it every day – agents are posting things on Facebook, or blogging about a topic, and yet there seems to be little method to the madness other than talking and posting. More often than not, these posts and blogs lack the one essential tool that makes their information valuable to them – a way to capture the contact information of the people reading it. Free information is wonderful, but wouldn’t it be better if you the Agent, as you post all of your knowledge, had a way to track who is absorbing your expertise and follow up with them in order to remind them they trusted YOU? You’ve worked hard to gain the knowledge you have about your profession. Why give it away for free when you can gather the contact information from the people who trust you, thereby creating a list of leads and nurturing future business for yourself? It’s a known fact that people forget 80% of what they read online last night and without a way to reconnect with your readers (eeeh hem, I mean your leads) your mind palace of information will become lost in the mix. There’s a catch though. Most people are not so willing to give away their contact information unless you are providing something of value to them (reader + x = professional love and trust).

Solving for X. 

Understanding you need to provide something of value to the reader in order for them to willingly indulge you in your request for their contact information is the key to generating a viable lead. By doing so, you’ve started a relationship and conversation without unwanted pressure. This generous offering of something of value, or gift, goes back thousands of years and it’s built into our DNA as humans. Now-a-days, it’s actually a marketing tactic commonly called “reciprocity”. The act of giving something of value to your consumer that ultimately triggers the gift recipient to feel the need to provide you with something in return is precisely why lead generation is so successful. In this case, all you’re asking for is their contact information so you can follow up with them again later. I just wrote another article about how I used this tactic to generate hundreds of leads for a condo development. You can read that here later. 

In the mean time, try this: By implementing a sign up form on your website, posts, or links you can offer any of the following ideas to capture leads:

Offer a VIP Newsletter that shows the best Real Estate buys in town only those who sign up.

Hold a monthly contest that gives away a free home cleaning service by a top professional cleaning company and set up a page where people have to sign up via email to enter to win.

Produce a monthly newsletter about local events happening around town and have a sign up on your website, blog, or Facebook page.

Provide the value of their home, for free. Sellers who are browsing the internet are often looking to find the current value of their home. By providing them a custom home valuation you assert yourself as the expert and can use the information you have gathered in order to win the listing.

There are so many options to gather leads and I could go on with about 20 more ideas; however, something tells me you’re understanding my point. Creating ways to go from zero lead capture systems to a plethora of leads can make all the difference in building your future business and becoming the hero of your own income.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s email where I introduce you to my personal solution to lead capture that has gained agents all over the nation, and Canada a list of potential clients that is much, much longer than this email.


Course Homework:

  1. Create a list of your current lead capture systems and strategies that have generated an average of 100 leads, or more, per month with minimal effort. Make the most productive strategies habit, instead of mundane tasks.
  2. Create a list of lead generating websites you’ve wanted to try. Are they free, or paid subscriptions? Create a comofrtable budget for these and try some new lead generating avenues that have the potential to create more business for you. Pick 1 or 2 to start so you don’t feel overwhelmed with options.