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Facebook Ads In Messenger? Forecasting The Future of Messenger Ads And Real Estate Lead Generation

Facebook Ads In Messenger? Forecasting The Future of Messenger Ads And Real Estate Lead Generation

How Will The New Facebook Messenger Ad Placement Work For Real Estate Lead Generation?

Although not available everywhere just yet and not in full effect, the new Ad placement option inside of the Facebook ad manager shows the Facebook Messenger as a placement for your ads. Currently the options are;

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Audience Network

and now;

  • Messenger

Real Estate Lead Generation

Facebook hasn’t made any public or large announcements about this new addition, but rather is hinting to businesses at what’s to come for the 800 million users that are on Facebook messenger and how it plans to monetize it and more importantly how it’s going to benefit both the messenger users and the businesses that run ads to the users on messenger.

However Facebook earlier this year stated in a document obtained by TechCrunch that; “Businesses will be able to send ads as messages to people who previously initiated a chat thread with that company.” To prepare, the document recommends that businesses get consumers to start message threads with them now so they’ll be able to send them ads when the feature launches.

The document also notes that Facebook has quietly launched a URL short link fb.com/msg/ that instantly opens a chat thread with a business. Facebook confirmed the existence of the URL short link. That seems to back up the validity of the leaked document.

Seller Leads


The first thought I had on this was that Facebook is never going to let business just spam messenger users with ads and in fact they won’t. So that’s good news. Facebook isn’t going to let brands send ad messages to just anyone or even people who’ve liked their Pages. (Yet.) Only those who have voluntarily chatted with a business can be sent ads. This should somewhat limit the spam potential and annoyance. Right now, almost all messages come from one’s friends, so Facebook will likely try to preserve this high signal-to-noise ratio with limits on advertising.


Facebook messenger ads


Real Estate Seller Leads Using Facebook

Over the summer Facebook  built out and beefed up chat capabilities for businesses by letting them show a big “Send Message” or “Contact Us” button on their Page and in Facebook ads, along with the ability to create saved replies, with private messages.

Facebook also recently introduced “Click To Message” News Feed ads that let businesses pay to get people to chat with them. Like the one below;

home buyer leads


With the big push to get brands to start communicating with users it’s positioning business to get ready to for what I think will be the newest ad placement inside of messenger. Facebook also just released the ability for business pages to create a short-link URL for their messenger.

Like this one;  fb.com/msg/elevatedrem  ( Go ahead click on it and check it out! )

( It’s now live for all Pages, through the format fb.com/msg/ and then the Facebook Username of the Page. Go ahead and try it for your page! )

This idea with this is that business can share and promote their short messenger link anywhere to engage with more people. Are you starting to see the potential? Here’s a few ideas on how this would work in Real Estate lead generation;

  • You run a Facebook “Send Message” (like the image above) and promote an Open House that says “Send a message to get the open house times and location”
  • Place the short link on a blog post about a listing that’s coming soon with a message that states “Schedule a Tour” Click the link below to schedule a tour now.
  • Place the fb.com/msg/elevatedrem short link inside your website as a link to chat with your web visitors
  • Drop the link inside of a Facebook post like the below;
  • real estate seller leads
  • Place your messenger short link as a hyper link in images on your blog or website with a clear call to action

There will be more and more ways to really optimize the ability to build out some really cool ways to open up a chat thread with Real Estate prospects and use it to then later run targeted ads to those people you have engaged with on messenger through your business page. I strongly suggest that you start testing out every kind of messenger ad, post, click to chat kind of engagement you can to start building up that audience that you can run ads to. The group might be small at first, but once you have open portals every you can to spark a conversation with people it will eventually start to grow into a healthy list that you can nurture and then engage with ads.

So How Will The Ads Look Inside Messenger?

While it’s not exactly clear yet as to what businesses will be able to put in Messenger ads, there are many different of possible variations of how they might work and look. Facebook did say that the ads are supposed to carry on the existing discussion users started. The ads could perhaps:

  • Inform home buyers about a properties price reduction, open house or if the home they inquired about just sold. Maybe use this style of property site as the destination for the ad.
  • Announce a coming soon listing, and encourage people to preview the home online or provide a link to single property website.
  • Deliver a new property video, community video or other piece of quality content created by the agent or brokerage.
  • Follow up with retargeting-style reminders that you are the listing a new home or just sold one and display social proof to the prospective home buyer or seller lead.

Messenger ads for real estate


With 2017 just around the corner you might want to add leveraging this new feature as a goal to build up a new audience that you can start communications with. Start a weekly goal to engage at least 10 messenger chat threads a week with likely prospects and make sure to offer quality content that they want to get more information about. You most likely have listings, so use that as your lead carrot to create incentive for them to click on any of your call to action buttons and send you a message. Make the Facebook messenger your new Real Estate lead generation tool for 2017 and beyond.

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