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Facebook Loves Video!

Facebook Loves Video!


If you aren’t using video in your Facebook campaigns you should look at starting one. My current video campaign is costing me 0.07 per view for 3 second views and then 23 cents for the 10 second video views.

It’s not just extremely affordable, it’s also a great storytelling tool to get the most out of crafting your vision or message to compel and influence others. Best of all it’s building my re-targeting audience at a small price per view.

So in other words, the possible customer acquisition cost per person from this video campaign is around 23 cents. Then you create a re-targeting campaign to people that viewed your video with another type of campaign to convert them.

So my possible ROI is huge.

Now think about this for Real Estate. If you could spend about 23 cents per possible client to acquire them as a buyer or seller and then calculate the ROI of your average closing.

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