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How To Re-connect With Old Leads And Turn Them Into Listings Using Facebook

How To Re-connect With Old Leads And Turn Them Into Listings Using Facebook

If you have any older leads just laying around collecting dust, this video is for you! We all have old or lost leads that are either just email address we’ve collected in the past from some Real Estate Lead Generation Services online or an open house form and even your property search on your main website. The question is, how many of these old leads are ready to enter the market in the near future?

Well, it’s anybody’s guess, but knowing that most homeowners start their search for a new home 6 months to 2 years in advance, I would say that a good majority of these leads are prime prospects to be engaged with and turned into new Home Seller Leads. What I mean by that is that most Listing Leads for Realtors come from several different sources across the vast lead generation activities that are done over the years online and offline and often most of these leads are not being nurtured or they haven’t been followed up with and just plain forgotten….

But…. Your old email list is gold. It’s your own source of Free Real Estate Lead Generation. Take advantage of that list and re spark a conversation and remind that leads of old Home Buyer Leads and seller leads that you are in Real Estate and here to help them. 

One great way to do this is to update them about the market and or get them back into your marketing funnel with a home valuation report updating them about the value of their home.  In this video I show you exactly how step by step how to take your old email list and how to use Facebook to target these old leads and how to turn them into new and fresh Real Estate Listing Leads. 

The beauty of this strategy is that you are using your own email list that you have gathered over the past several months or years and you don’t need to buy a cold list from someone or try to target a large mass of people, it’s a nice way to strictly focus in on the email list of prospects that you have generated and this way you know exactly who you are running the ads to inside of Facebook.  The return on investment is often much larger when you are running ads to smaller and highly targeted lists of people, because they are already either in the process of looking to move and since you have engaged with them once upon a time and the familiar principle of them knowing who you are, helps your efforts that much more.