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Making Waves

Making Waves

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Recently I came across a photo of my grandfather, and my cousin,
taken when they had newly opened their car dealership. The image is
of the two of them standing proudly together behind a wheel barrow
filled with silver dollars. At first glance, the purpose of the
silver coins may not be obvious but the question to “why are
they pushing a wheel barrow full of coins around?” is well
known to me now.

The answer: Marketing.

The answer was more than just “marketing”, but it
essentially boiled down to that. The coins were part of a marketing
campaign, being offered as the prize, but the story reminded me of
just how of far we’ve come in marketing and the endless
possibilities at our finger tips that are used, and can be used, to
push sales in through the door.

In the early 1950’s the challenge of getting the word about a
wheel barrow full of brand new coins, and more importantly the cars
that they were ultimately trying to sell, must have been an
exciting one to overcome.

Having so many alternative avenues to make such campaigns
publically wide spread, now in 2017, offers companies like my own
access to an abundance of innovative marketing tools and reminds me
how Elevated REM’s core values consistently play a role in the way
that we operate by leading us on the path to more creative
marketing we so often embrace.

One value in particular sticks out at moment – “Improving the
quality of service through innovation and technology.” I can
proudly say Elevated REM lives by this self assigned value because we
work to utilize every available means of technology and resources
relevant to our industry.

In the 1950’s, this statement would have meant something
entirely different than it does now. However, my grandfather and
cousin rolled out their innovative marketing campaign of coins and
were successful at doing so. Learning that taking marketing risks
can sometimes produce a greater reward, I’ve been able to take
away an important business lesson from my grandfather: strive for
excellence and use every avenue to provide great service, even if
it’s never been done before.

As Elevated REM grows, I am always grateful, thankful, and humbled when
I am reminded by, and receive kuddos from, the public about the way
we conduct our business. It’s an excellent reminder to
constantly take measure of our performance, strive to better our
services, and always stand by our values.

In today’s complex markets and industry we are making waves as
a company and by embracing a different school of thought we are
privileged to serve our community. We thank those of you who have
helped us achieve what we have built today and we look forward to
the future.


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    January 19, 2017

    Good read

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