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The New Facebook Messenger Ad Tool. Have You Created One?

The New Facebook Messenger Ad Tool. Have You Created One?

Facebook Messenger now has over 60 Billion messages being sent per day. That’s a ton of potential Real Estate Leads that you could be having a conversation with and turning those leads into clients. But how exactly, do I do that? There are a few ways you can accomplish the goal of engaging with prospects, however many lack strategy and a real relevant interest in the subject matter of your choice, mainly speaking Real Estate. Recently Facebook has rolled out the new Facebook messenger Ad. You can now create an ad that sends people to a Facebook messenger, with pre-populated text that you have written to engage that prospect.

Real Estate Leads


The strategy with most adverting on Facebook for Real Estate agents is to ultimately generate either Motivated Seller Leads or Home Buyer Leads and with the video demonstration above we are also using Single Property Websites for Realtors and using that to also capture leads and to impress upon the leads that are visiting that site that your marketing for homes is higher end and thoughtful marketing.

With this type of marketing it’s also good to start a conversation and warm the lead up before you send them off to your lead capturing marketing. It’s not a must, but it’s nice to test this out and see if it works for you. If the lead doesn’t engage in conversation then make sure that you are at the very least sending them to a landing page like our single property sites that are used to capture Listing Leads for Realtors and New Home Buyer Leads. 

This way you can still try to not only capture the leads that didn’t engage in a conversation with you, but you can also use a re-targeting ad to send to those people that didn’t convert.


Try out this new strategy and see if it works for you!