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The Next Chapter To Our Story

The Next Chapter To Our Story

Over the past two years we have grown significantly from our humble start.  In 2014, four weeks before our daughter way born, we launched our online seller lead landing page company Leads2Listing that focused on Real Estate Seller Leads and the Real Estate Lead Generation market.  This launch wasn’t created over night, it was 7 months of building, tweaking, creating and over a decade of Real Estate brokerage experience and with over $100 million in sales under our belt from the marketing/sales management of our own brokerage and large condo/townhouse developments that we handled the marketing and sales for.

Our story started with my family, I was raised in a Real Estate family and it was a natural fit for me, when I started at the age of 19.  Many years later, after beating the ground and trying every strategy that had been known to man, I finally started to hit some sales.  Your story is probably very similar to mine, you may have struggled at first in Real Estate, trying everything the agents in your office were doing, asking questions, door knocking, taking floor calls, handing out cards, attending events, cold calling, visiting FSBO’s, etc…. You name it. I did it.

By the time I turned 21, I felt I was ready to start my own brokerage. Call it being driven or what you will, but I wanted more. I wanted to be in control of how I was marketing myself and even more, I wanted to build something great.  Fast forward a few years… My team grew to over 20 agents, I became known for listing large new construction developments and I had made Realtor Magazines top 30 under 30 as a finalist. That year I had around $16 million in sales.

I know what you might be thinking it was the top of the market and I may have gotten lucky.  Maybe. In fact, I was lucky, however this happened in 2011, the market had already crashed in 2008 and when it did, we felt it. It was a rough market and everything I had worked so hard to build was on unstable ground. I had condo and town-home developments and single family listings that weren’t selling. They sat there and sat and then, we started to shift our marketing focus.

I hadn’t spent much time really thinking about how or where the buyers and sellers had gone, it just seemed that they were no where to be found. But that’s not really true. They did go somewhere and as the market was being tipped on it’s side, so did online lead generation. More Home Seller Leads and Buyer Leads started to trust the internet more to find better deals, the trust of the Real Estate market was lost and agents were no longer the key connection to finding homes.

We wanted to tap into this stream of online leads that weren’t ready to meet an agent yet, but we knew that they at some point wanted what we had, which were homes.

Our first landing page.

The creation of our first landing page was not very pretty, but boy did it to the trick. We had a developer that had us list 24 high end luxury condo units that was very anxious to get them sold and to make it worse they had zero marketing dollars, no website, nothing.  This is something we were used to though, after all we came from single family homes and they didn’t have any marketing dollars, so we knew that wasn’t going to be a huge downside, but with over $10 million in condo inventory in this one development a marketing budget is fairly common to have and helps tremendously.

Our first landing page came out strictly from a necessity and budget constraint issue. Building a landing page was like building a mini website, but about $7,000 less and more effective as we found out later.  As we discovered over time and some deep nerding out, websites are in a large way, are distracting and they don’t capture Motivated Seller Leads or Buyer Leads.

I will say that again. Websites don’t generate leads. Landing pages do.

We had several websites, each one of our developments had a website and really pretty expensive ones too… Did they generate leads? Sometimes. But not enough to really make a huge spike in sales and beat out the rescission.  We felt silly, not knowing this before. How could we have been so blind?  As we investigated more about How to Get Leads in Real Estate and how to generate them on demand, we started seeing a trend.

But before I get into that, let’s go back to our first landing page and how it did.

After a couple years of only a handful of units being sold in that building, our little landing page for that development generated over 200 Real Estate Leads for us and we sold out over 75% of the building in less than 20 months in the middle of the worst Real Estate Market we’ve experienced!

Quickly after that we started to use a landing page for other developments and as a way to generate more listings and get more Leads for Real Estate Agents that worked for us at our brokerage.  We played around with several variations and every time we created a new landing page it generated leads and our sales improved.

Fast forward to the summer of 2014. My wife Toni and I were at lunch talking about what’s next for us as now we had sold out our developments and successfully one of our Real Estate companies.  We were happy, but we also wanted to build something different than just another brokerage. We wanted to build something that other agents could use and profit from, just like we had from our landing pages and in that conversation over salad and pizza we created our plan to launch a Real Estate Landing page company that would generate Real Estate Leads for Realtors around the world.

Now in present day, we have helped agents around the world generate more Motivated Home Seller Leads from our home valuation landing pages and over 600 agents have used our landing pages to generate over 70,000 seller leads.

Our next chapter.

Moving forward we’ve learned alot, we’ve listened to our users and we are creating a new set of landing pages for agents that will increase their lead generation in a powerful way. I can’t disclouse exactly what that is just yet, but we are launching them soon and we are very excited to share them with you.

With that said, part of our next step in this journey is a new name, a re-brand of what we are out to accomplish for us and for all of the Real Estate agents around the world that use our product. As we build more marketing and lead generation products for our users, one word kept coming up as we would describe what we were building.


As we get ready to launch our new set of products as a Real Estate Lead Generation Company we want our new name to embody what we are building and that is Elevated Real Estate Marketing. Keep an eye out for our new name as we get closer to adding new features and new landing pages to the mix.

With love and happiness,

Travis and Toni Thom


Seller Leads for Realtors


A few quick things answered:

Will you still be a provide home value landing page to help to generate Home Seller Leads for Realtors ?

Yes. That will still be apart of our core product. 

Will you adding more landing pages?

Yes, and more… 🙂

What will the company name be known as once you re-brand?

Elevated REM (Real Estate Marketing )