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Which Markets Click On Ads The Most

Which Markets Click On Ads The Most

I often get asked the question-“What Ad and what landing page gets better clicks…” My answer has always been that every market is different and every psychographic profile is different as well. Tons of different factors going on to really determine the best Ad copy and ad targeting to use, ( my best advice is to research and then target your audience appropriately) but here is some deeper insight on which states/cities are less or more likely to click on your ad.

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(Click here to read the full articel; http://priceonomics.com/which-cities-click-on-ads-the-most/ )

A few take away’s from this insightful data. One is that the cities that are more tech savvy and that are more exposed to newer tech trends and information are less likely to click on the ads. That could be from an over saturation of ads and redundant tech that no longer offer a solution and more of an annoyance or it could just be that it a very competitive ad space and the impressions to clicks are not there enough to cement and command a relationship to spark a click.

It could also be that some of these ads are re targeting ads that are not necessarily being used for click through and that they are really more of a brand awareness campaign that is a re-targeting ad that is the result of a prior click from another ad from that company and they visited the website and now an up-sell or come back offer or a customer retention campaign had been triggered.

It’s hard to really say, however I suspect that those are the common factors at play here.