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Your CTA Button Has One Job

Your CTA Button Has One Job

The job of your CTA button copy is to get prospects to click – but how can you be sure that the copy you choose motivates prospects to convert?
Get them to take action. Spell-it-out. I recommend starting with an actionable word such as “show,” “learn,” “discover” or “enjoy.”
Then once you’ve established that position you want to then express the value of the offer by following up your action-packed verbs with “the value the clicker shall receive once they clickith.”

Button copy like “click here” or “download now” doesn’t communicate what you stand to gain by clicking. “Show Me The Price!” on the other hand, does.
Why use “Show Me The Price”? By using the word “Me” we establish trust by giving the soon to be clicker ownership of the choice and by placing them directly into the decision, as they read it in their voice in their mind, the word “me” is a trigger word that when read in your own voice and tone has a more persuasive and compelling effect than the alternative.
All of our single property sites have this button copy pre-built into each site, so the persuasive call to action copy is pre-baked in for you.

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