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Writing Facebook Ad Copy Tip

Writing Facebook Ad Copy Tip

Writing some Facebook ads for a client today. With these type of ads you have to remember that Real Estate is emotional. It’s where families lay down roots, grow together and re-discover love and home as they combine into one place.

Ad copy:

“It’s more than just a house. It’s a quilt of memories that have been woven into milestones over time. Backyard star gazing, the bare foot moonlit walk through your private vineyard, laughter down the hallways that makes your heart sing. It’s all here.”


Focus on telling the story and remove the data specs, dive into the setting and place yourself there in the environment.  Then focus on who are you telling the story to? Who is that likely buyer? Then write the shortest little love story that pulls the reader inside the home and walk them through what their life would be like in this home. Forecast the happiness, the warmth, the comfort and memories that are being built inside and outside this wonderful home.

Try it for a few different homes you have and then test them out!

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