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Travis has been phenomenal!

"It's been insane how I have grown in Facebook marketing, Travis
has been phenomenal!"

Jerry Weaver

My business has doubled!

"It doesn't get any easier! 70% of my business is now coming from my social media, thank you for everything!"

Christopher Basile

Life Changing!

"Travis and his team changed my life...I got so good a lead generation that I quite my day job and got into Real Estate, my hats off to Travis and his team. Can't thank them enough!"

Jackson Wilkey


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This Is What Happens When You Don't Follow Up With Leads...

Are you guilty of not sending out text messages and emails to follow up with leads? There’s two important things
to focus on with the conversion process for Facebook leads.

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Are You Doing Facebook Marketing Wrong?

Boosting a post can feel like you’ve tackled the Facebook marketing beast by hitting the easy button… But, that’s not really Facebook marketing. Tap that button below to learn how to become a Facebook marketing boss today!

Travis To Speak

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Your Audience Will Learn:

  • How to create high converting Facebook ads, the critical pieces of the puzzle: How agents, brokerages, mortgage companies can tweak their ads and follow the effective and proven steps to build a high converting ad campaign.
  • The full funnel conversion process steps to maximize profits: Lead generation is just one part of the entire funnel, text, email follow up and strategic re-targeting strategies to ensure the best in class results.
  • Using Facebook ad funnels to attract, convince and convert prospects into closings. There’s often a large gap in how to REALLY use Facebook marketing to capture and convert leads into real commission dollars. Travis covers the biggest pitfalls and what’s needed to make Facebook marketing successful.
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Webinars, Keynote Speaking, Q&A, Podcasts, Interviews & Workshops.

Travis has educated audiences around the world with his fun and creative presentations. He gives an in-depth knowledge on Facebook marketing

for the Real Estate world and is often the highest rated speaker at conferences.

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Podcast with Travis Thom


T he Influence This Podcast is focused on pulling back the curtain on how successful Facebook ad campaigns work, the strategies decoded and the steps to unlocking

the power of social media to help you drive sales and gain massive market share.

"The King Of Real Estate
Facebook Marketing"


When it comes to Facebook campaigns for Real Estate, no one does it better than Travis, he and his team at Elevated Real Estate Marketing have been nationally recognized as one of the best!"

Jeff Fargo

North American Title Company

"I want to thank Travis for his leadership in the industry, he has always been a trusted consultant. He's one of the best when it comes to having a full understanding of how Facebook marketing works for the Real Estate industry."

Scott Shapiro

Client Partner, Industry Relations / Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook

"Travis continues to be the central part of my growth for my marketing. The money I've invested has absolutely paid off. Even my friends at Facebook swear he's a genius!"

Tristan Ahumada

Tristan & Associates

"Travis is a Facebook marketing master! If you want your ads shaped up for performance, Travis is your man!"

Borino Borino

Real Estate Coach, Speaker and Author.

Start Crushing Your Goals
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Want the secret on how to win with Facebook ads? Watch this!

Here’s how to make sure your Facebook ads win and deliver better leads that create more sales for your business.

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The Power of reciprocity! Are you giving value first!

There is an art and science to building trust and winning over mind-share with Facebook ads.

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Real Estate Facebook Marketing Secrets you need to know!

There are new updates with Facebook! Check out the new ones that you might have missed.

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Behavioral Based Real Estate Marketing!

Check out how we find better quality prospects using this simple yet really effective and profitable strategy.

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Insanely Knowledgeable!

“Travis and his team are insanely knowledgeable! They are awesome, they helped me so much with my Facebook ad campaign, I highly suggest them!"

Lisa Bibbee

The quality of the campaigns has been amazing!

“Travis and his team are insanely knowledgeable! They are awesome, they helped me so much with my Facebook ad campaign, I highly suggest them!"

Colthon & Thomas

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«Travis is beyond brilliant and is in my opinion THE foremost expert on real estate Facebook Ads — I’m telling anyone who is in this group they MUST go to his website and also join his Facebook group. There is no better trainer in the US on killing it on Facebook, oh and by the way, one of the nicest and humblest people you will ever meet!»

Chelsea Peitz

National Speaker & Best Selling Author.

Learn the powerful strategies that will boost your sales.

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